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2016 Best Pet Products

Posted on 18th May 2016 @ 3:35 PM

Have you tried our specially curated range of coat-care products yet? We pride ourselves on an innovative selection of grooming products which look after your pet and the environment. EQyss Premier Natural Botanical Shampoo is one such product. It doesn’t contain any silicone, mineral oil, or other synthetic cleansers. It’s completely non-toxic and won’t leave behind any residue after washing. Use it to give your pet the cleanest possible fur. The natural formula won’t dry out your pets’ skin, but will bring out volume in all varieties of coats.When used together, the powerful formula of botanical extracts this shampoo and conditioner line are proven to enhance the colour of your dog or cat's fur. Browns become deeper and whites will appear brighter with regular use of EQyss cleansing products.


So impressive are the results of this natural product that it has been recently named in Bupa’s latest article, ‘2016 Best Pet Products’, as one of the top two products in the bio product category.

Not only does EQyss Premier Natural Botanical Conditioner boost shine in any fur, it is easy to use because the natural ingredients rinse out so quickly. We recommend applying the conditioner immediately after lathering your lovable pet up with EQyss shampoo, then rinsing both products out together to save on time and water. Using these two products in unison will ensure that your cat or dog is most pattable creature around. Even if they’re not a show dog, your fur baby is sure to enjoy the extra attention from his own silken coat. We also recommend using EQyss premier pet spray after shampooing and conditioning your pets to further intensify the colour of their fur.

Our EQyss botanical shampoo and conditioner are available in a range of sizes, so you can stock up to keep all of your family’s pets looking naturally beautiful. We also proudly provide other excellent EQyss brand dog grooming solutions, such as detangling spray and EQyss Mega-Tek Coat Rebuilder to encourage hair growth on damaged coats. EQyss botanical shampoo and conditioner are just two of a range of grooming products that Pets on the Park has carefully curated to help pet owners give their special furry friends the glossiest, softest fur possible.

Our commitment to selling only the most trusted and highest-quality dog products is just one of the reasons why we are Bupa’s choice for premium pet products.