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How to Keep Your Home Clean When You Have Pets

Posted on 19th Oct 2016 @ 10:27 AM

How to Keep Your Home Clean When You Have Pets

Australian's love to keep pets, but it can sometimes be difficult to keep a clean house when your family includes a few four-legged members. Bupa Pet Insurance‚Äč recently featured us in their article 'Ideal Pet Products and Tips for a Clean Home' for our expertise in this area. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with everything they need to take care of their pets, ranging from training aids, to toys, to cleaning products. Here, we'll share three essential products to help you keep your home in order.

Prevent Chewing: Dogs, especially puppies, love to chew on anything and everything. In a busy household, it can often prove difficult to keep an eye on them at all times to ensure that they are not chewing on your new couch or favourite pair of shoes. Luckily, there are a variety of sprays that you can use to help prevent chewing. EQyss McNasty is a naturally effective product that is harmless to your pets, yet provide an unpleasant taste designed to deter them from chewing on items they shouldn't.

Stain Removers and Repellents: Despite your best training efforts, your dogs or cats will go to the toilet somewhere they shouldn't at some point. In cleaning up the stain, regular carpet cleaner just isn't very effective at completely removing the stain and smell. In this case, you need a cleaner that is specifically formulated for pet stains. We recommend Urine FREE™, which doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals and really works. As an added bonus, this product is safe to use on carpets and other fabrics and will not cause discolouration or fading.

Litter Trays and Hoods: Cats need litter trays in which to do their business, but over time the litter tray can start to smell. In addition, many cats kick the litter over their deposits once they are finished, often resulting in litter spraying out all over your floor. A litter tray hood can be the solution to both of these problems. Featuring a small flap in the front where your cat can enter and exit, the hood keeps all of the odours inside and prevents any litter from being kicked out. This can save you loads of time when it comes to cleaning up the litter tray area, as you no longer need to sweep up any errant litter.

These are just a few of the many products we have on offer that can help you in keeping your home clean when you have pets. Browse through our selection to find everything you need to care for your furry friends and your home.