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This is how walking your dog was always meant to be - a pleasant and relaxing experience. Carabiner clips are included for letting your dog off lead.T


To ensure your Canny Collar fits accurately and for safe and effective dog walking, take a tape and measure around your dog's neck snugly, to just behind the ears. A snug fit is essentialto ensure it cannot come off your dog whilst walking. Then, choose the correct size Canny Collar for your dog using the following measurements:


Neck measurement

Canny Collar size

23cm - 28cm (9" - 11")

Size 1

28cm - 33cm (11" - 13")

Size 2

33cm - 38cm (13" - 15")

Size 3

38cm - 43cm (15" - 17")

Size 4

43cm - 48cm (17" - 19")

Size 5

48cm - 53cm (19" - 21")

Size 6

53cm - 58cm (21" - 23")

Size 7

To begin walking your dog successfully on a loose lead with no pulling, you firstneed to ensure that you purchase the correct size of Canny Collar. Use the sizing guide here to determine which size you need. A snug fit is essential to ensure that the Canny Collar cannot come off during a walk. Once you fit the Canny Collar, face your dog and try to pull it over his ears and off his head. If it can come off, you will need to fit it more snugly or change it for a smaller size.

Put the Canny Collar on and go for a walk immediately. Keep your lead short but loose when walking and aim to have your dog in the 'heel' position. Using a short dog training lead will make this easier. Give him plenty of vocal praise when he begins walking well.

The first time you put the slip line over your dog's nose, he may resist it and try to paw it off his face. Any dog training collar will cause this reaction for some dogs. It is similar to the feeling we have when wearing a wristwatch for the first time - some dogs are simply not used to it. You should continue walking so that your dog focuses on the walk rather than on the Canny Collar, lifting your lead when he paws at it and verbally encouraging him to follow you.

Once your dog is walking, instantly lower the lead to release the pressure on the Canny Collar (you should also let him have some more lead here) and give him plenty of vocal praise whilst keeping walking. He needs to know that at some point in the walk, the pressure will be released; otherwise he may just continue to pull against it.

Repeat this action if again he tries to remove the Canny Collar. Because the lead is connected behind his head, he will not be able to get a paw over the lead and bring the walk to a stop. Nor will he get the Canny Collar off his head if the lead is kept in the correct position. Sometimes you may need to let the lead out if he drops behind you, bringing it back in again once he catches up.

Once any initial resistance to the Canny Collar has stopped, continue walking your dog for a short distance and then stop and give him plenty of praise.

Use treats or clicker training if your dog responds well to these to accustom him to the Canny Collar.

Your dog walking will become a pleasure again very soon!




















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Excellent product. Great training aid.

By: on 13 December 2018
My dog heels beautifully in obedience training, but pulls me down the street otherwise. I read positive reviews and Canny Collar seemed to be the best. I purchased one and the results have been amazing. At first he pawed at the strap across the nose, but once we got going he seemed to forget about it and trotted along beside me in the perfect heeling position. I would recommend this collar.

power steering for dogs

15 June 2017
I had used all other nose leads but they can damage the dog, either upper spine or eyes, if not used properly. With a strong-shouldered dog I was not happy with that possibility. I found the Canny Collar and it is by far the best nose lead I have used. The over-the-nose strap stays in place (no eye socket damage possible) and the lead is perfectly balanced because of the design (no upper spine damage possible). LOVE IT.

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