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An innovative shampoo that can be used maintain and hydrate the harshest of coats.  Its can be used on Terrier without fear of stripping the coat of its natural oils.  This product works on the inside of the hair and will not soften already harsh coarse coats.

For best results its recommended that its  used with Essentials  TEXTURE and REVIVE
Excellent product for dogs or cats with skin issues.

Will heal and relieve skin irritation & Hot Spots
Protects Coats
Enhances Colours
Free from Sodium Lauryl Sulfates & Parabens
Low Ph

Made from Coconut derived cleansers
Digestive Enzymes
Colloidal Silver
Natural healing Minerals and Vitamins including B5 & E
Glyceral Stearate
Blueberry & Lime Extract

HOW TO USE - As Essentials is a completely new and unique formula like no other below you will find instructions how to obtain the best performance and results

2 ways to use shampoo (this is low sudsing and phosphate free, so it will be easier to rinse)

· Using a cellulose body sponge. Moisten the sponge, work in a 1” round blob of shampoo then wash the dog in a circular movement.

· Toy – small dogs one blob

· Small –Medium size dogs one blob, heavier coated breeds repeat once

· Medium - Larger breeds load the sponge repeat once and heavier coated breeds, repeat twice (3 sponges in total)

THIS SHAMPOO IS FOR ALL BREEDS (This is non topical) – It replaces the salts and minerals lost through the environment and products previously used.

This will immediately be visible after the first wash as it beginning to put the coat back to its genetic quality during the first wash

and will improve daily. You will notice that the coat will have more body, colour, texture volume and shine. In Terrier breeds this will make the

hard coat you are looking for. The conditioner is important for Terriers too as it gets inside the cortex of the hair to replace lost salts and minerals .

The drying time will be cut by almost half as the coat continues to improve. The digestive enzymes can in some breeds take out 50% of

stains in the first wash.

If you are showing your dog

· Wash the dog 1 or 2 days pre show. It is important to keep the coat hydrated now. Hydrate each morning and before brushing. It is not necessary to

Re-wash the dog the morning of the show, just mist with the hydrating spray. This should last several days.


General Maintenance using Hydrating Spray (when you are showing and NOT showing)

· Mist coat daily in dry climates mist 2 times a day. Do not brush unless you have misted first.



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A quality shampoo for my Cavalier King Charles Spa

By: on 16 March 2017
I first saw Panagenics on a YouTube video I watched about grooming Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. I was intrigued enough to give it a go, although I was hesitant at the price. Having used the shampoo and the hydrating spray a few times each on my own two Cavaliers, I love it and would buy it again. Their coats are soft and manageable, it takes me less time to dry them off and they don't have that stinky dog cologne smell that I personally don't like. I am very impressed with this range.

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