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Petpepup is designed to enhance your dogs diet with a balance of vitamins and minerals. It helps to maintain friendly gut flora (lactobacillus bacteria) with biodynamic and organic ingredients. Petpepup is pre-digested, thus being absorbed directly into the dogs system.
It works in the dogs immune system by supplying free form amino acids and enzymes. It is packed full of fatty acids and anti-oxidants.
This product is APVMA approvedand is 100% organic approved ingredients and is a fermented product.

Alaskan malamute breeder thrilled with litter

My name is Annette Reed, I am a breeder and exhibitor of Alaskan Malamutes. I first started on PetPepUp dog supplement 8 months ago. In this time I have seen significant differences in my dogs health and appearance.

During whelping my bitch showed greatly improved health and well being from her first litter which she was not on any supplement, to the second which she was fed PetPepUp. She recovered a lot quicker between the birth of the pups to when they were fully weaned. The pups fed well and were faster to get on their feet. They weaned a lot earlier than the first litter and the bitch did not loose coat.

The pups in the first litter suffered with bleeding umbilical cords which were very hard to stop even after clamping, the second litter I had no trouble with the umbilical cords I did not even have to clamp them. The bitches energy level was outstanding she did not suffer any lethargy at all this time.

My large male Alaskan Malamute which is one of the top winning Malamutes in Queensland at the moment was suffering from a dry, dull coat and lacked energy. After being on PetPepUp his energy level has improved out of sight, he was worked hard for 30 minutes solid per day and did this with ease I have been able to increase his exercise level to 40 minutes and will eventually get to 1 hour.

I would recommend any breeder to use PetPepUp as I feel the benefits are there and you can see it in the dogs eyes, they are all bright and alert and full of energy, I am always getting comments on my dogs appearance and how healthy they look, and it definitely shows in the ring.


The ingredients of Petpepup products are highly nutritious. The selection process is rigorous, requiring the finest organic produce available. The ingredients are categorised as active and non-active constituents as understood by the APVMA.

Active Constituents/Ingredients

Active constituents are the substance/s in an agvet chemical product primarily responsible for a products biological or other effects . The microbial organisms are considered to be the active constituents in Petpepup.

Lactobacillus acidophilus 250,000 cfu/g, Lactobacillus delbruekii 120,000 cfu/g, Saccharomyces boulardii <500 cfu/g, Saccharomyces cerevisiae <500 cfu/g, Calcium ascorbate 1mg/g.

Non-active Ingredients

Non-active ingredients include organic whole grains and seeds, legumes, spirulina and cereal grasses plus kelp, glucosamine and shark cartilage.

Recommended daily dose: Small dog 1/2 teaspoon.

Medium dog 1 level teaspoon


Dear 'whoever helped us',

Thank you so much for getting your hands on 'Petpepup' so quickly.

Our 4 year old Tuppy can't seem to go a day without it before quite distressing diarrhoea sets in.

He's a rescue pet and we've been trying to help him for so long with various things until we found 'Paws Probiotic' which helped quite well. But that seemed to go into oblivion.

However this 'Petpepup' is totally amazing! Everything working as it should and we've never seen him so happy and energetic.

He's always been extremely loving, but is even more cuddly to.

He LOVES this product so much he tries to get into the container to lick it, but he's a good boy and sits with the command "WAIT".

Thank you so much for your efforts to get this product to us, we appreciate you more than you know.

We'll order another soon so we don't get stuck out again.

Can't wait to see him in his new 'Teal' collar when it arrives – what a boy!

Warmest wishes

Jill, Graham and Tuppy.


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