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An innovative filtered water bowl for cats and dogs, which auto-replenishes as your pet drinks from it, ensuring there is a constant supply of clean, fresh drinking water, even when on the go.

Torus is an ergonomically designed, portable and sturdy water bowl for cats and dogs that provides fresh, carbon-filtered water as often as the animal desires.  The TORUS™ design is comprised of a water storage area and a drinking well. The bulk of your pet’s water is stored and protected inside the hollow walls of TORUS™. Each time your pet takes a drink, replacement water automatically flows from the storage area into the drinking well. The water level in the drinking well is always high enough to allow easy drinking but low enough to minimise water spills and splashes.

1. Stored water is contained inside the Torus bowl walls

2. Fresh water is drawn from the walls through the carbon filter

3. The filtered water flows out into the drinking well where it is kept at an optimum level

Comprising of thick walls housing a concealed water reservoir, Torus is insulated to ensure a pet’s water stays cooler for longer. The plastic material is Food Grade Polypropylene and is not coated with BPA or any other substance.

The Torus smart drinking bowl is designed to replenish as often an animal drinks from the bowl, so that water doesn’t go tepid or stale. The reservoir houses 1-2 litres, approximately 2-3 days’ worth of water for most dogs and even more for your cat.

The Torus water bowl is ideal for travelling and it is super light at 2.5lbs.  To inhibit water-flow when transporting Torus, simply lock the reservoir and you’re ready to take it anywhere, without fear of spillage. The Torus water bowl has been designed with a sleek, stable profile and non-slip rubber foot pads to avoid accidental spills and overflow from the well.


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Brand Heyrex

Torus dog water bowl small

By: on 22 March 2019
We have two small Cavoodle’s and this bowl works brilliantly. It lasts all day and only dispenses enough water as required.

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