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Health Roll for Puppies 1000gm.Puppies up to 2 years old will thrive on this unique formula with added ‘Chia’ for an Omega3 boost to support brain and body development. Puppies need more protein and more base nutrients and vitamins to sustain their rapid growth rate. To achieve this our Puppy formula includes more yeast, calcium, kelp, barley grass, lecithin, and vitamin C. A high meat ratio ensures ideal meat protein levels.

Note: The smaller the breed of puppy, the younger they can move to the adult variety.


Health Roll for Adult Dogs 1200gm is formulated to fulfil the day to day needs of an adult dog. This unique high quality roll contains ‘Chia’ for an extra Omega 3 boost and is great to support healthy skin. Compared to puppies, adult activity falls, metabolism slows and growth stops. Dr Bruce matched the required protein, fat, carbohydrate, fibre, vitamins and mineral levels. It is particularly rich in Vitamin A & D. The meat to vegetable matter ratio is ideal for adult dogs.


Health Roll for Joint Health 1200gm is ideal for supporting dogs that are active, large breed, older or recovering from injury. This unique formula includes ‘Chia’ for extra Omega 3, required for healthy bones and joints. It includes natural sources of cartilage and green lipped mussel, which are a rich source of natural glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate.

• Calcium assists normal growth and maintenance of healthy bones
• Boron to maintain bone density
• Phosphorous to support muscles
• Zinc promotes healthy cartilage development
• Sulphur assists to maintain healthy joints


Health Roll for Sensitive Skin 1200gm Targets the cause of skin problems. This unique blend utilises a range of essential fatty acids, whole herbs (eg. Astragalus, Perilla Seed, Reiki and Shitake mushroom) and powerful neutraceuticals to promote gut health and balance the immune system. Added ‘Chia’ provides an additional Omega 3 boost, critical for healthy skin. 100% Kangaroo meat provides a ‘Biologigally Unique Protein’ to reduce chances of allergy. These ingredients can support dogs susceptible to allergic skin disease and sensitive stomach problems.

• Prebiotics to support healthy digestion and immune system
• B2 & B6 vitamins support healthy skin
• Essential fatty acids (Omega 3 & 6) for healthy skin and coat
• Zinc maintains the integrity of skin
• Antioxidants for a healthy immune system


Health Roll for Weight Loss 1200gm.This unique Weight Loss formula is a low fat, lower protein diet and has a higher level of vegetable matter and roughage. This results in lower calorie intake, whilst still providing high levels of essential nutrients. It includes ‘Chia’ for an extra Omega 3 boost. Weight Loss should be fed to the dogs “ideal” weight, (eg. If a dog is 32kg, but their ideal weight is 26kg, you feed to the 26kg feed chart level).









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