About Us

Author: Terri   Date Posted: 1 December 2016 

Welcome to Pets On The Park, our aim is to keep your pets Happy and Healthy.
We are registered breeders with Dogs NSW & are actively showing & trialling our dogs. So any knowledge we have aquired over the years will be gladly passed on to you.
If we haven't got an item in stock we will try and source it for you.So, if it's not on the website please contact us via phone or email. Our dogs personally road test a lot of the products that we sell which is a great endorsement.
We source top quality products from reputable Australian suppliers. Our prices are competitive plus we have specials from time to time.
EQyss Grooming products are a wonderful range of products that we import from the U.S. which we personally use on our own show dogs & retired dogs as well. Another product we highly endorse is Provida Flax seed oil (formerly known as Fourflax) from New Zealand. This is a top quality oil which is 60% Omega 3, a natural anti-inflammatory which is a good maintenance supplement for joints, skin & coat and the cardiovascular system. We are always looking for great products that will improve our dog's health & then pass the information onto you for your pets.
I hope you will come and visit us often.