Artero Simple Nature Fine Stripping Knife

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FEATURES: Medium, triangular teeth. USE: For finishes and definition. TYPE OF COAT: Wired-coat

The Artero stripping knife is ideal for stripping-type arrangement. Among its main features we find the following:

-It has a concave blade for more ergonomic work.
-It is ideal for the final definition during commercial and exhibition works of hard-haired and fur dog breeds that need to be stripped by hand.
-It is made of top quality materials, such as organic bamboo of great durability.
-The blade is made of a high-end stainless steel alloy, which is very resistant and light.
-It has fine teeth, perfect for pulling out intermediate hairs that have a good finish.

How to use the blade to perform the stripping
Here are some tips for using this knife for dogs:

-Hold the coat with the hand that does not do the stripping work, hold a lock of hair between the thumb and the blade of the blade, which must be at 90o with respect to the skin, and pull the tip of the hair and in the direction of the growth of the same, detaching it from the root.
-Do not pull up or against the hair fiber. If necessary, use the other hand to gently tighten the skin and allow the blade to move smoothly in any area that is being worked on. The hand must follow the line of the dog's body, with the wrist straight to avoid breaking the fur.

How to use the blade to card.

Here are some tips for using this knife for dogs:

-Hold the coat with the hand that doesn't have the blade. Present the teeth of the blade at 30o with respect to the skin and slide it in the direction of hair growth, exerting moderate pressure. Repeat the process several times on the same point and around the entire surface to be worked.
-If the blade is constantly slowed down and it is not difficult to slide it without making much pressure, you have to change it for one with the teeth more spaced from each other, eliminating the highest density and ending the blades with the narrower teeth.


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