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Your pets & family will love you for this. Chemical free pest control. Totally safe for you, the environment and your pets. Tested & proven to work under Australian conditions. Works well in conjunction with the Mitey Tick Off or Skudo.

The History of Cedar Oil

University and Independent Scientific testing conducted on Cedar Oil (3rd party results)

What our customers say …

“We were removing ticks from our dog every week and becoming increasingly concerned for his survival. Finally, after removing four Ticks within a week, the last one from his eyelid, we decided that if we couldn’t find an effective solution to the problem that we would need to give him away to someone who lives in a safer area.
My internet research led me to the Mitey Fresh Electronic Tick Repeller and we decided that we would order one of these devices. Given the extent of the “Tick” problems that had become evident with our puppy, we agreed that if he could go for a week without getting a tick then we would be convinced that it works.
One week turned into a month, then into 6 months, then into 10 months before he got his one and only tick after putting the device on him. It is almost 12 months since we first put the device on our dog and we have seen only the one tick.
Considering that we live in an area that vets have told us is “the tick capital of Australia” this device has given us great peace of mind after we were previously in a position of despair.
This has been our personal experience with the Tick Repeller and we can’t recommend this product enough as an effective solution against these destructive and potent little creatures.”

John and Laylah, Sunshine Coast Queensland

“After experience a tick bite, 10/04, I had an allergic reaction and passed out. Before this experience I had numerous tick bites over 16 years living in Newport and Avalon. Since wearing this device, I now have the confidence to go back into my yard again”

Mrs Vicki W.Avalon NSW

“The fact I do not have to resort to using strong chemicals on my dog to safeguard him against ticks is very exciting, plus the whole family benefits by not being in contact with strong chemicals”

Mrs Susi T.Cromer NSW

“Since my dog Tali has been wearing Mitey Tick Off for Pets, I have noticed a significant difference in the number of fleas on her, or should I say that are not on her.”


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This product is good quality.

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