EQyss Chew Proof Anti Chewing Spray 236ml

Anti chewing spray for pets

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Chew Proof It! Anti-Chew Spray. Protect your shoes, carpet, furniture, etc. and your pet’s teeth, gums and digestive tract from the harmful effects of chewing! Chew Proof It! is an effective anti-chew spray that is guaranteed to stop your pet from chewing. Chew Proof It! is safe to spray on shoes, furniture, carpet, fences, baseboards, rugs, blankets, bandages or any other surface your pet desires to chew.

  • Guaranteed to stop pets from chewing or all surfaces
  • Will not harm household plants or vegetation
  • Non-staining and is safe for all sufaces
  • Long-lasting

Customer Review:

Melanie Krause – 

This stuff is amazing! It completely works! It has a very strong odour so you have to open windows and stay out of the room until it dries.


Brand EQyss
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By: on 16 March 2017
I tried countless other products but when I tried this product, I haven't looked back. My dogs were destroying the garden, the kennel, the hoses, any exposed wires... I was at my wit's end. When I first got it, I sprayed some small pot plants (favourite chewing and pulling plant out activity at the time) with the products I bought. Most only deterred them for 10 minutes, 30 minutes tops. Not McNasty. I couldn't believe it. They didn't touch it AT ALL. I put the dogs inside the laundry and sprayed anything they weren't allowed to chew. I think the first round I went through nearly a full bottle. Now I buy the big bottle but I only use it occasionally, mainly if I plant something new, and interesting. Don't waste your money on anything else. I used this on my shoes too - no dramas now. The dogs are not driving me crazy and I highly recommend this product to any one who'll listen.

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