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Blant's MSM


We have sourced and are proud to offer you a USA ultra-pure, high quality MSM crystal that is trusted globally, with the enviable reputation for producing the safest, purest MSM (organic sulphur) in the world. It is of course, OptiMSM by Bergstrom Nutrition, which has been granted regulatory approval from Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). That’s a big deal! Approval is a rigorous and extremely expensive process requiring substantial testing and documentation.

OptiMSM is made in the USA (not China or India) and endorsed as the preferred MSM by experts around the world.

This MSM contains no yeast, dairy, egg, gluten, corn, soy or wheat, and has no added sugar, starch, salt, preservatives, or artificial colour, flavour or fragrance. It’s safe for individuals with food allergies, and for those choosing a vegetarian lifestyle.


Have you landed on our page after researching MSM, and perhaps concluding OptiMSM is the safest, purest MSM produced in the world?
We absolutely agree. No other MSM has a 4 stage distillation process to ensure the end-product is the safest, purest, most effective MSM on the market. No other has a facility exclusively dedicated to the making of MSM from start to completion.

Opti have a choice of two MSMs, one as a powder, and the other Opti refer to as a flake, but is more like a super fine crystal.
Large companies that blend MSM with other products prefer the powder since it contains anti-cake. Blants ethos is maximum purity, so we supply the crystal/flake with no anti-cake. It is 100% OptiMSM.
Since there is no anti-cake it may clump a bit in the container, a bit like sugar or salt do, but is easily broken apart by pushing on the container or shaking. Learn more by reading frequently asked questions.

Whilst on the subject of purity, be aware of any MSM whether powder or crystal that does not have a tendency to clump, it likely contains anti-cake / free flow!

Unfortunately, we are not permitted to discuss how MSM might personally benefit you. We suggest that for that information, do your research and then come back to us as the source supplier of trusted OptiMSM flakes / crystals in Australia.

Although we bring into Australia genuine TGA approved OptiMSM, the TGA approval does not transfer over to Blants and since it is a hugely expensive exercise for any business, it is simply not feasible in order to make limited, regulated statements. Therefore, we are not permitted to mention therapeutic benefits. So, we need to make this statement – “Organic Sulphur / MSM is not a pharmaceutical or medicine, but a food supplement.” Blants are, however, registered with FSANZ (Food Standards Australia and New Zealand) and re-pack into 800g, 4kg, and 9kg.

Blants OptiMSM

  • Is non-GMO
  • Is fumigation free
  • Is not tested on animals
  • Is vegan friendly
  • Is allergen free
  • Is gluten & nut free
  • Has no flow agents
  • Has no added colours
  • Has no added fragrance

Unfortunately, sulphur levels decrease with age resulting in body fatigue.
MSM / Organic Sulphur as a food supplement supplies the body with needed sulphur.

MSM and Vitamin C work together. It is suggested for maximum absorption, MSM should be taken with Vitamin C approximately 4 parts MSM to 1 part Vitamin C.

Drinking plenty of water is very important for anyone wishing to have good health. When using MSM as a food supplement drink ample pure water.

Buy MSM online in 800g4kg, 9kg, 20kg Australia wide delivery or pick up from our Sydney Kingsgrove warehouse.

How do you use MSM?

As a Food Supplement:
Amount may vary considerably per individual. OptiMSM recommend from 1 – 6 grams dissolved in a glass of water or juice per day to start with. Some take more than this. We can only suggest do some research or contact your healthcare professional.

What does MSM stand for?

A bit of trivia, and also a bit of a mouthful – MSM, also known as Organic Sulfur (OS), is the abbreviation of Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane.


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