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  • Hand Rearing Food for Baby Birds
  • Formulated for optimal health and growth in your chicks
  • Ideal from day one
  • Fully extruded food for maximum absorption
NEOCARE is a fine powder that is mixed with hot water to give the desired mix. For newly hatched babies make a very dilute mix and give a few drops until the baby passes its first dropping. Then feed as required and slowly increase the thickness of the mix until by day 5 they are getting a mix that will fall through the prongs of a fork.
For babies pulled from the nest (5 – 14 days of age), make a normal thickness mix (falls through the fork) and feed as you would any formula. 
For Cockatoos, pigeons and doves use NEOCARE as the sole source of food until weaning.
For birds that fail to thrive, keep the brooder temperature up and give NEOCARE as their sole diet until they are growing normally.
If you have chicks in the nest you wish to supplementary feed then simply make up a mix of NEOCARE and crop feed as required – it will boost those slow babies so they can compete with nest mates for food. 



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Vetafarm Neocare

By: on 4 February 2020
This is a very sticky, lumpy product, obviously full of good stuff. I mix it with boiling water and stir it well. I have added Farex, baby rice cereal to it to lighten the weight of the mix. It comes with a double ended spoon, one end has a small measure the other a large one. My birds enjoy eating this.

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